Nox is the roman goddess of night, Nox is an illuminance mesurment unit, but most of all Nox is a multimedia project inviting you to discover the cosmos through a selection of tales.
Nox consists of a scarf, 5 leaflets, 5 books, 15 postcards, a mobile app, and a website.
Nox offers to take you on a physical journey across the night sky by means of a star chart on which the tales are pinpointed, as well as on a mind journey through a read aloud version of the tales available on the app by scanning the matching areas of the map. The use of glow in the dark ink invites you to go stargazing outdoors, or just to space travel from your bedroom at night.

Diploma project, 2018
Scarf : Glow in the dark ink screenprinted on silk, 150x100 cm
Books : Black & white laser printing on neon poster paper (1 colored side & 1 white side) 80g and 210g, 11x18 cm (folded) 44x18 cm (unfolded), 90pages, collection of 5 books, 5 copies.
Leaflets : Screenprinting on neon poster paper 80g (1 black layer on the neon side, 1 glow in the dark layer on the white side), 11x25 cm (folded) 66x50 cm (unfolded), collection of 5 leaflets, 15 copies.
Postcards : Black & white laser printing on Neon poster paper 210g, 11x15 cm, collection of 15 postcards, 16 copies.
Mobile Application : augmented reality application created with Unity. Allows you to scan the different objects (scarf, book, leaflet, postcard) through your phone’s camera. The app recognises the targets incorporated in the designs and allows you to play the audio files attached to each target.

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