Serial Tiler

Serial tiler is a non exhaustive exploration of the use of pentagonal tiling, consisting of an experimentation book and blueprint of my researches in the form of a construction game. These two prototypes exclusively explore the tiling of type 1 and are the first of a serie to come, exploring the other types.
In geometry a pentagonal tiling is a tiling of the plan where each individual piece is in the shape of a pentagon. Fifteen types of convex pentagons are known to tile the plan with one type of tile. The most recent one was discovered in 2015. It is not known whether this list is complete.

Project initiated by Gabrielle Marks and Karin Mientjes during a 6 month exchange at the WDKa of Rotterdam
Book : laserprinting and lasercuting on white and black paper, lasercuting and etching on cardboard and lasercuting on leather, 11x15 cm, 64 pages, 2 copies · Blueprint : lasercuting, single copy, 2017

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