Everybody is Wrong

Tout le monde a tort, science et imaginaire dans les représentations cosmographiques, (Everybody is wrong, science and imagination in cosmographical depictions) is my master thesis.
It is based on a corpus of audiovisual documents, pictures and tales that I have been gathering since I started to get interested in the night sky and the legends of its creation, which goes back as long as I can remember.
Through the study of these objects situated at the crossroad between science and fiction, this thesis explores how the scientific method and imagination are necessarily entangled in any attempt at describing the cosmos. It presents my reflexion on the symbiosis between observation, data measurement, and imagination in order to produce a visual representation of an object that is beyond the reach of our senses's perception : the universe.

Digital printing on 120g Lana paper, A5 format, 184 pages, 10 copies

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