What if?

What if Donald Trump actually makes America great again? This design fiction is simply taking Trump's words for face value, creating the fantasy world he describes every day. In order of appearance : The best words, Donald Trump's very own words and his very personal definitions - The approximate currency, consisting of the "billions of billions" bill, the "trillions of trillions" bill, the "lots of money" bill and the "not so much money" bill - The official visual identity, based on his amazing hair, including a new flag, a logo and the new glyph for the "Donald" that now replaces the dollar - and an official colouring book about the great leader.

Project initiated by Gabrielle Marks and Karin Mientjes during a 6 month exchange at the WDKa of Rotterdam
The best words : laserprinting on golden paper, fabric on hardcover, golden foil on black paper, gold and black endbands, 7x9x1,5 cm, 130 pages, single print · Donalds bills : golden foil on black paper, 9,5x22,5 cm · flag : printing on fabric, 100x70 cm · Learn with Trump : digital printing on paper, 20x20 cm, 16 pages, 5 copies, 2017

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